[sword-devel] SWORD / THML incompatibility

Chris sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 02 Dec 2001 17:06:39 +1100

It seems to me there is an incompatibility between Sword and
THML. Sword Chapter 0, means a "book introduction".
THML Chapter 0 means "The whole book".

Now the Titus NIV Study notes Introduction makes reference to
1 Timothy Introduction...

    The author is Paul (see Introduction to 1 Timothy: Author).

It seems to me this reference should be encoded...

    The author is Paul (see <scripRef
  parsed="1Ti|0|0|0|0">Introduction to 1 Timothy</scripRef>: Author).

But that wouldn't be right in the THML spec.
It seems to me the THML spec could afford a little
tightening up around the edges to deal with this.