[sword-devel] Copyrighting The Bible?

Don A. Elbourne Jr. sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 19:33:15 -0500

> >those involved in translation, has lost the vision of trying to
> get the word
> >out, and has become simply a quest to make money.  Then the
> tendency will be
> >to make "acceptable" translations that make money rather than
> accurate ones.

What Bible translations are done as quests just to make money? I would like
to know. I personally know people who worked on the NLT and the forthcoming
Holman Christian Standard Bible. I can testify that none of these godly men
had anything but the purest of motives in their work. They are professional
scholars who have spent their lives dedicated to the mastery of the original
languages. To reward their hard work, diligence, and selfless dedication
with broad sweeping words of slander is unchristian and ungrateful.

> This is definitely the tendency today. In fact, a friend of my
> father's had
> a friend on the board that was translating the NIV. Among the translators
> was a lesbian.

What is the name of the friend of your father's friend's friend?  If the
person was on a NIV project board, he would have known the full story. The
lesbian that people refer to is Dr. Virginia Mollenkott. The rumors
circulating about her involvement with the translation of the NIV have been
greatly exaggerated. Dr. Mollenkott was not on the translation committee.
She was an English style proof-reader. After the translation committee
finished their work, the manuscripts were given to several such
proof-readers for stylistic matters, such as grammar, punctuation, etc.
These proof-readers had no direct hand in the wording of the finished
product. They read over portions for English stylistic issues only. The
suggestions were given back to the committee of translators for review.
Furthermore, at the time Dr. Mollenkott, was a professing Evangelical and
did not come out of the closet until much later. It has been stated that if
the committee would have been aware of her sexual orientation, she would not
have been consulted for the project.

Just wanting to get the facts straight.

Don A. Elbourne Jr.