[sword-devel] Copyrighting The Bible?

Brandy Infinger sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 12:11:07 -0500

In principal I agree with you entirely.  However, I would hardly call 
hunders of millions of dollars muzzling.  Perhaps the ox needs a diet?


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>	Dear Nathan,
>	I think the scriptural principle of not muzzling the ox would have bearing
>here.  In this digital age it is quite easy for people to copy something
>that is being sold and get it for free.  The word of God is ours but those
>who labor in translation can, I believe, legitimately profit from their
>translation efforts.  If there were no copyright protection, the translator
>would not be able to realize any profit - publisher's not under contract
>could simply publish the new translation without paying any royalties to 
>	I say all this because there is kind of an unscriptural idea, that to 
>anything is immoral.  The very commandment "thou shalt not steal" implies
>ownership - you can't steal if no one own's.
>	A more important question, in my mind, is: how many *new* english
>translations do we need?  It does make one wonder if there isn't an attempt
>to water down the message or to some how make the language so clear, that
>somehow we don't need to be taught of God?  Christ said, that we would
>understand if we are willing to obey.  The reason that some have trouble
>understanding the scriptures is that are not willing to obey it.  Perhaps
>those involved in translation, has lost the vision of trying to get the 
>out, and has become simply a quest to make money.  Then the tendency will 
>to make "acceptable" translations that make money rather than accurate 
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> > Hi,
> >
> > There has been something that has gotten under my skin quite a bit
> > recently. It is the tendency of modern translators to copyright
> > The Bible.
> > Is that their right? To change slightly, for example, the KJV,
> > call it the
> > MKJV, and copyright it? Who wrote it anyway? Did they, or did God? I'm
> > aware of the legal position on translation, of course, but it still
> > disgusts me that people can do that.
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