[sword-devel] New and updated modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 23:39:02 -0700

> I was wondering if we could use two thtmlhtml filters - one with 
> 'a href' links and one without.

Fine by me, but it's not my API. :)  Maybe there's something that could
be toggled, similar to the way GlobalOptionFilters are toggled, to
determine whether hrefs are passed to the output or not.  I think you
and the BibleTime guys are the only ones using HTML output--or has BT
changed to ThML?

> The one I'm using for 
> gnomesword now filters 
> <scripRef version="KJV" passage="Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</scripRef> 
> to <a ref="version=KJV passage=Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</a>
> <scripRef passage="Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</scripRef> 
> to <a href="passage=Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</a>
> and now
> <scripRef>Ge 1:1</scripRef>
> to <a href="passage=Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</a>
> it also filter sync=Stongs to an 'a href' link.

Do you think this syntax could be changed to something more
(X)HTML-like?  Perhaps <a href="Ge 1:1" class="KJV"> or <a
href="Ge+1%3A1" class="KJV">.  I'm no authority on XML or HTML, so I
couldn't say what is best here--maybe your syntax is fine.