[sword-devel] New and updated modules

Terry Biggs sword-devel@crosswire.org
15 Aug 2001 16:10:30 -0400

On 15 Aug 2001 09:31:07 -0700, Chris Little wrote:
> > We have tags in isbe that look like this:
> > <scripRef>Lu 4:22</scripRef>
> > And they should look like this:
> > <scripRef passage="Lu 4:22">Lu 4:22</scripRef>
> > I think.
> > 
> > The key for this one is 'GRACE'
> Actually, both are correct according to ThML.  If you don't specify a
> passage attribute, the body of the scripRef is the passage.  (I'm still
> learning ThML, so there are bound to be errors in our filters.)  I'll
> look through the filters and make sure this stuff is fixed for the next
> release.

I was wondering if we could use two thtmlhtml filters - one with 
'a href' links and one without. The one I'm using for gnomesword now
<scripRef version="KJV" passage="Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</scripRef> 
to <a ref="version=KJV passage=Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</a>
<scripRef passage="Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</scripRef> 
to <a href="passage=Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</a>
and now
<scripRef>Ge 1:1</scripRef>
to <a href="passage=Ge 1:1">Ge 1:1</a>
it also filter sync=Stongs to an 'a href' link.

If a progran is not going to use the links they are just in the way, but
gnomesword needs them.

The same with gbfhtml - I need strongs and morph tags to be links but
I'm sure everyone using html dosen't need or want them. 

So maybe we could have two gbfhtml filters - one with links and one
without. I'd be glad to maintain the ones with links.

Of course if no one wants the links but me I can just take care of them 
localy :-)


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