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Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 9 Aug 2001 14:55:15 +0100

Hi John .......

On 8 Aug 2001, at 23:16, John Fox wrote:
>Am looking for the following items:
>1. An interlinear Greek Old Testament (Septuagint, LXX)
>2. A concordance for the LXX
>3. A parallel KJV - NKJV

None of the above are available.  However, there is a version of 
LXX called LXXM which has new testament Greek Strongs 
Numbers embedded in it, and morphological information too.  
These can be used to cross-reference if the Strong's Greek, and 
the Packard (morphological) dictionaries are installed.

There will eventually be a version of the Sword front end which is 
being called Sword 2 at present.  This will allow two or more 
synchronised windows to display the same verse in different 
texts.  For this reason, it is not likely that anyone will bother to 
make an interlinear version of any pair of texts.  The interlinear 
New Testament is different in that it has a word by word literal 
equivalent inserted as footnotes.  Obviously a word-for-word 
equivalence is nothing like a translation, but can be useful.  I don't 
think anyone is working on anything similar for the LXX - although 
with the Strongs and Morphological information already available 
the process could be automated, I suppose.

If you know of any existing e-texts which meet your needs, tell us -
 we are always on the lookout for new source materials.



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