[sword-devel] PR

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 16:48:11 -0700

> As a repeat-questioner, I'd be satisfied with searchable and 
> browsable archives of this list, but discussion forums can 
> accomplish much the same thing.  Or how about just a list FAQ 
> recording the answers to those questions? (like: Where was 
> that new website? :-)

My idea was more aimed at users of the software rather than
developers--people who wouldn't want to read this list.  And a lot of
those people also don't like reading FAQs and need someone to hold their
hand through installation & setup.  This helps us meet their needs.

FAQs are good too, but I think we've got that covered with the new
website. ... At www.sword.cx/sword. :)

> I've witnessed a web forum being set up very quickly using Zope
> (www.zope.org) and squishdot (www.squishdot.org).  I hear 
> Zope is first rate software.  Free, too.

I was looking for a ready-made solution, unless one of you has a desire
to help in this area and none of the current offerings is sufficient.
phpBB is nice because it's free and it looks/works like UBB, with which
many people are familiar.  I hear Zope is good stuff too, but that
doesn't help much if no one wants to create forum software to run on it.