[sword-devel] PR

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 00:11:34 +0200


> Does anyone else think we ought to make more use of sword-info, which
> serves essentially the same purpose?  It's got 521 loyal users
> currently, but we haven't sent an update since the release of 1.5.1 I
> think.  I think we should be sending out bi-monthly or monthly updates
> about new releases, new books, works in progress, & polls for interest
> in possible new features.  Does anyone else agree?  Does anyone like to
> write announcements? :)

I agree with this!

> Another idea... Does anyone else think we should add discussion forums
> to the new website?  They would alleviate a lot of the traffic on the
> support list and would allow us to quit repeatedly answering the same
> questions by allowing users to read previous responses.  And users could
> help each other, give suggestions for use, and generally create a
> community that will encourage their interest in SWORD.  Our developer
> community is great, but we're pretty much leaving our users out in the
> cold when it comes to this.  My suggestion for forum software is phpBB
> (www.phpbb.org) but I haven't investigated the options that thorougly.

I do answer much user questions related to BibleTime, often questions 
doreoccur.  Often Sword questions are also asked by users (these questions 
are normally related to compilation, module installation and problems with 
installed modules (access right etc.) ...).
I think forums are great, we should use them.
At the moment I'm also thinking about creating a forum on sourcforge.net for