[sword-devel] Ideas for using ThML for general books

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 21:15:00 +0200

> - Convert each of the sections you found into straight HTML and display
> with an HTML widget. For the most part, the sections are already straight
> HTML, except that they also have <note>, <scripRef>, <pb>, and maybe
> a few other ThML tags.  So you will want to find the <note> tags and
> handle them appropriately, find the <scripRef> tags and link the scripture
> reference, find the <pb> tags and put in some kind of notation showing that
> this is a new page of the print edition, etc.

Thank you Harry for your valuable knowledge you are sharing with us. Please 
do not unsubscribe from sword-devel!
What we at BibleTime are aiming at is a widget which can display sword-like 
text portions with ThML markup, not just HTML. Thereby we wouldn't have to 
support all of the tags (like <div> etc.). Later we want the widget to be 
able to create ThML text with a nice UI. (Like inserting bible references via 
drag'n'drop, footnotes, ...). But those are just dreams.