[sword-devel] book-chapter-verse numbering

Harry Plantinga sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 23 Apr 2001 07:55:51 -0400

> Although it will probably be sometime before copies can be made available
> in sword I suspect that the Contemporary English Version will break the
> current situation. There are many instances therein where verses are
> elided together and are marked as 1--3, 10--12, 36--72 without any
> indication of verse boundaries. There are also some instances where for
> valid discourse reasons verses have been transposed. (Other translations
> such as the NEB, REB and the MT set the trend for that.)

Some greek versions use "A" or "B" for chapter numbers.  Some verses
are "15a" etc.  In some versions of the bible (e.g. NAB), verses can be
"out of order" -- the editors decided that verses 10-14 come before 5-9,

To handle general book, chapter, verse subdivisions you have to treat 
these things as strings and maintain order independently of the 
numeric or lexical order of the chapter or verse name.