[sword-devel] Early Church Fathers

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I really don't understand the architecture of the software,
so bear with me if what I suggest is way off the mark.

The target size for the smallest <divn> divisions in ThML
is a logical "page" -- the amount you would see in your
browser at once.  It sounds below as though you want smaller

What I have been trying to do on the CCEL is to add implicit
paragraph numbering.  So within a division, you count
paragraphs (i.e <p> tags) to get to the paragraph you want.
You can then count words or letters as well.  So, the docs
state that you can refer to a division, paragraph, and word
within a paragraph.

There's also a <sync> tag, which allows you to put in an
explicit scheme for identifying points in a text, such as
verses in a versified text.


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> After giving the sentence idea a bit more thought.
> In the Bible format now used the verse is the smallest division.
> And verses
> are the stuff of which all other divisions are made from. There are things
> smaller than a verse, like notes and Strong's numbers, But they
> are treated
> as part of a verse. There are also special verses, such as the zero verses
> and blank verses. And all this is derived from a one verse per line, or
> line by line, concept. Larger divisions point to smaller divisions and
> ultimately to a verse which points to an offset in the data file.
> Can we define a basic building block like the verse/line of the bible
> format for free form? And is it needed?
> I think we could come up with rules to decide when to start a new block,
> such as when starting a new sentence. Perhaps the start of a table or a
> cell would also start a new block. But just as a verse could have
> numberings and notes, a basic block could have multiple items on it.
> Then what is the next level up for a division? At what level do
> you get all
> the formatting, font, background and other display info to put the
> smallest
> blocks in proper display context?
> But is all this needed? Html help files work ok. If we could just display
> works in that format in a panel, it would be a good start. They have TOCs
> and indexes. Build ThML into that and it would be nice. I like being able
> to search for text and go right to the sentence, but if pages are small or
> highlighting is good, going to a page works.
> Jerry
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