[sword-devel] Sword 1.52

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 18 Apr 2001 21:05:01 -0700

> > what is the scheduled release date of Sword version 1.52?
> > What is missing from it?

compression for lexicons / dictionaries
preliminary STEP support.

> We are very close to the release of bibletime 1.0, and it would be good if we
> could use a public release of sword. (1.52?)
> Thread safe searching is not so important; but sword bookmark support (import
> and export) in 1.52 would be good, because otherwise we would have to release
> bibletime with our proprietary solution and later change it to use the sword
> standard, which would surely be incompatible.
> Is there any chance to have this implemented in the near future?

Have a look at the .conf files for the WIN32 bookmarks.  No matter how
we end us implementing the API, we will probably use SWConfig to read
and write the bookmark files.  Let's just talk about a good .conf
standard bookmark file format and we'll be sure to use this when we make
the SWORD API bookmark functionality.

What do you guys use now?  How about gnomesword?  Here's are cheezy
win32 gui format:

branch6=What the Bible Says About...


branch10=Are There Other Gods Besides YHWH?
branch14=Will We Be Married In Heaven?
branch8=Has YHWH always been God?

branch11=Isaiah 43:10
branch12=Isaiah 44:6
branch13=Isaiah 44:8

branch15=Matthew 22:30
branch16=Mark 12:25
branch17=Luke 20:35

branch9=Psalms 90:2

This doesn't allow much functionality, though... How about something

caption=What the Bible Says About...


caption=Are There Other Gods Besides YHWH?
vref=Isaiah 43:10
vref=Isaiah 44:6
vref=Isaiah 44:8

caption=Will We Be Married In Heaven?
vref=Matthew 22:30
vref=Mark 12:25
vref=Luke 20:35

caption=Has YHWH always been God?
vref=Psalms 90:2