[sword-devel] Windows Frontend Name?

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 22:51:44 -0700

I think it actually already has one: BibleCS.  I don't remember what it
means, if I was ever told, and the only way anyone would find out the name
is by going through the source tree, but that's its name.

If you think we should come up with a catchier name or actually advertise
the fact that this is the name, I think I could agree.  But it is always
Troy's decision since he's the maintainer of that frontend.

I'll toss out some ideas... SWORDBible, SWORD/Windows, the SWORD, Scabbard,
OpenSword, HISword, e-Sword (oops, forget that one :), OpenBible (unless
that project is still active), or something in Greek perhaps.


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Dear Everyone,

    I sent a post about this a little bit ago maybe it slipped through
everyone's notice but what do people think about finding a name for the
Windows Frontend program, this will make it easier to refer to it for end
users. What are people's ideas?

In Christ,