[sword-devel] Conflicts with class POSITION

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 23:48:34 -0700

Yeah, what Troy said, mostly.

Sorry I didn't get this addressed yesterday.  I used what Todd did as a
guide but basically made the project from scratch because I was trying to do
both Win32 and WinCE projects simultaneously.  Since I didn't acutally build
any applications there is of course potential for problems in the project.

I think the best move here would be to simply change the POSITIONs in Sword
to SW_POSITIONs, but I won't commit it to CVS until tomorrow so anyone with
objections can raise them.  It doesn't look like it should interfere with
Sword's operation at all, right?  Or are there front ends that make use of
POSITION objects directly?

Troy, it also occurred to me that the ifdefs I added that check for WIN32
might interfere with BibleCS.  Do they?  Because I guess we could always
change them over to __VCBUILD__, like Todd had.