[sword-devel] Conflicts with class POSITION

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 4 Apr 2001 22:11:48 -0700

> Hey guys, just to give ya an update in regard to the vc stuff.  Todd
> Shirley submitted a substantial amount of work and Chris Little add the
> vc support into the CVS tree.  He used much of what Todd submitted, but
> not verbatim.  You may want to ask him how he got around these issues.
> -Troy.

Hi Troy,
How is your Mom doing? I pray well.
The info about the VC++ is what I needed to know. I did find the compatible
dirent on the CVS so I guess I will not need the dirfuncs files after all. I
am able to compile the Sword.dll in VC++ but When I add it to an MFC project
the class POSITION conflicts with MFC's POSITION definition. Todd's fix by
using the __VCBUILD__ macro (see below) looks promising. Although I have not
had a chance to test it it might be what I need to do. If I find it fixes my
problem can it be added to the CVS version? I think the reason it hasn't
been a problem up to now is that no one is trying to use the dll in an MFC
project like I plan on doing.
In Christ,

------- Begin Todd's swkey.h -------

> /**********************************/
> #ifdef __VCBUILD__
> class SW_POSITION {
> char pos;
> public:
> SW_POSITION(char ipos) { pos = ipos; }
> operator char() { return pos; }
> };
> #endif
> /**********************************/

------- End Todd's swkey.h -------