[sword-devel] Newcomers problem

Christoph Wollek sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 17:59:04 +0200

Hallo to all,

I am new here on the list. Some weeks ago I put the (German) Volksbibel
2000 as freeware into the net. I did in on the base of MetaCard.

Volksbibel 2000 contains the Bible of the Schöningh Verlag, ELB,
Vulgata, greek NT and a commentary to the NT, also an index, maps and so

Now I would like to put the "Strong´s" into it (especially to make a
German dictionary of the "Strong´s", then put the Strong´s numbers into
the German text of the Bible).

My questions:

1. Is there anyone working on that topics?
2. I got the text of the KJB with the Strong´s number in it. There are
also comments to grammatics (e.g. {V-2AAI-3S}). Is there anywhere a list
with explanations of these shortcuts (V = Verb, 2 Konjugation, A-?
Aorist? ... 3S - third person singular)

Any help is greatly appreciated; thanks in advance.

With greetings from Germany