[sword-devel] Bugs

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 10 Sep 2000 16:33:41 +0000

Hi Troy!

Do you remember that I posted a report some time ago where I described the 
problems with Psalms and german locale if you use BibleTime 0.2x?

After some long time of bug-hunting I found out that the problem is in 
SWModule::KeyText( myNewKey );
I tested it with an older SWORD 1.51pre version (the snapshot from 
www.bibletime.de) and it worked there correctly.
Now I tested it in current CVS and it doesn't work! With the CVS version I 
can't display Josua (German name of Joshua), Psalmen (German name of Psalms) 
and some other books.  Looks like there are some major parsing problems.

BUT: If I disable the locale support in BibleTime so english book names are 
used it works very well! If I use othere locales (e.g. Danish) there are 
problems with other books!

I lookes a little bit in the code of SWORD and I think it's a bug in 
Versekey, but I can't find where. Is this correct?
Sorry, I can't give you a code-example where it does happen, BibleTime is a 
little bit too complex for this.

Maybe you can use the snapshot from www.bibletime.de to create a patch file 
where you can see which parts were changed?

I can't release BibleTime 0.25 if it's broken this way. 0.3/1.0 are working, 
maybe because we are using a totally different way in the backend.

Thank you for all your really great work, Troy!