[sword-devel] STEP modules

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 18:00:17 +1000

"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:
> ...
> > I think the lookup scheme would likely be fairly straightforward - why
> > don't you try to dump a STEP Bible and see what you come up with?
> > There's a free NKJV at ftp://download.parsonstech.com/demos/qnkjo.exe.
> Thanks for the URL!  This is the module against which I've been testing
> the stepdump utility.  I wanted to post the URL on the list to everyone,
> but couldn't remember where it was.

And given that nobody really seems to be at the helm of Parsons, i'd
suggest that everyone who is interested in using the NKJV to download a
copy of it quick-smart, because i'm not sure how much longer the Parsons
resources will be there.  There are also a couple other interesting STEP
items, like Easton's Bible Dictionary and "St. Paul the Traveller and
Roman Citizen", by Sir William Ramsay.

> All that said, The stepdump utility uses the Viewable.idx file which
> sequencially displays all viewable chunks in the module.

s/sequencially/sequentially/g :-)

> I believe the Sections.idx file will give us something more useful for
> jumping to, at least, the correct chapter, then we can scan for the
> verse.  But I'm thinking the 2.0 spec has to provide for a verse
> offset:size entry somewhere.

The BSISG mirror should have a document called 'Preview of Changes to
STEP for Version 2.doc' - it has some basic details, but it looks like
there is no change to the indexing format from my cursory glance at it.

>  Anyway, thanks again for the URL.  Anyone
> know why Parsons can actually publish that URL?  Did they receive rights
> to release a free NKJV STEP module?

Yeah - i think it was just some sort of promotional arrangement with
Nelson.  I didn't follow it closely, though - i'm not interested in it
so much as the NKJV as i am in it as a STEP Bible.

> If so, when this driver is done,
> we'll have, at least, one more modern translation that is freely
> available.

I can think of other modern translations i'd rather have.  Which reminds
me: i'm not sure if i've mentioned this before, but i've got some
(sketchy) details on the old QuickVerse 3.x/4.x format from Craig
Rairdin.  If anyone wants a copy, let me know.  If we could get a driver
for them going, it would be cool - then i could use my copy of the NIV
in Sword.  Maybe i'll have a crack at it in the next couple of weeks...

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