[sword-devel] copyright question

Paul Dean sword-devel@crosswire.org
12 Nov 2000 08:33:05 +0000

Jerry Hastings <hastings@dancris.com> writes:

> At 10:21 PM 11/11/2000 +0000, Paul Dean wrote:
> >Clearly, this has my head doing loops about copyright issues.  I'd be
> >distributing a program which would enable the user to download an
> >entire copyrighted bible.
> >
> >My thoughts: Is this any different to what netscape does when you
> >browse gospelcom.net?  It puts into its cache all of it, chapter by
> >chapter.  My program would be doing essentially the same.
> There are a number of issues that factor into the problem.

Thankyou for your thoughts; they were most useful.