[sword-devel] Fwd: Sword - problems with creation of new modul

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 12 Nov 2000 01:35:05 +0000

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Subject: Sword - problems with creation of new modul
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 19:33:35 +0100
From: Zdenko Podobný <zdpo@mailbox.sk>
To: Joachim Ansorg <jansorg@crosswire.org>

Hello Joachim,

I am sending  final (I hope so) version of sk.conf.
Today I tried sword-1.5.1a and find some things

[1] sword.spec is pretty old and useless
[2] after compiling and installing sword it did not install staff in
locale.d directory. Why? I have to do it by hand.
[3] make install did not test if sword group exist. It will be good if
it try to realise whether this exist or not (and create it)
[4] I tried to make a new module (slovak bible) and I found no
documentation how to it. I found tools at /utility direstory, but I was
not sure about structure of input files (vpl). So I use this to find
structure of it:
../mod2vpl KJV 1 > kjv-1.txt
../mod2vpl KJV 0 > kjv-0.txt

It kvj-1.txt looked more inteligent way (especialy for corecting
mistakes) to I made slovak Genesis 1:1 - 50:26. Then I tried to test it.
I used config file from czekms.conf file (this module works fine),
adjusted it and then I put into mods.d direstory.

start of /usr/share/sword/mods.d/sk.conf
Description=Slovenska biblia
About=Slovenska biblia\
end of /usr/share/sword/mods.d/sk.conf

Then I run
../vpl2mod ./test.txt /usr/share/sword/modules/texts/rawtext/sk/ 1
When it finished I run bibletime. It found 'sk modul' but it showed
nothing (onlu verse numbers :-(.
I thought that problems is I did not have whole text so I delete genesis
from kjv-1.txt and insert there slovak translation. and repeted last
actions. The resul was the same. Then I used old (only english)
kjv-1.txt and repeted creation module, starting bibletime... and again -
So I checked file in /usr/share/sword/modules/texts/rawtext/sk/
and I found file ./nt with zero lenght and all text was in ./ot file.
Then I run
../vpl2mod ./test.txt /usr/share/sword/modules/texts/rawtext/sk/ 0
I was expecting nothing but it created ./ot and ./nt file (./nt file
stated with Mathew 24 :-) ) but bibletime showed nothig again.

What am I doing wrong? Is there any help for creating modules (vpl

[4] I found out that sword still support only KJV numbering. Do you plan
to use another system of numbering?

[5] I have also some sugestions:

(a) one of options in module.conf would set a language coding (latin 1,
latin 2 or iso-xyz etc.) This option would be use by frotend for
choosing proper font encoding.

(b) I read somewhere you will support maps and  pictures in sword. I
will be great it maps and pic use some 'layers system'. I mean if
somebody create map and pics for english, I will just replace english
words by slovak words at 'text layer' so I will not need to create it
all againg. Absolutly perfect way it would be if 'text layer' will be
distributed separetly (I think) - if I want to make slovak maps and pic
I will just distribute slovak 'text layers'.

I think that's all for now. God bless you and others that wokrs on this