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Correspondence concerning Romanian fonts....

Anyone want to look into making this a permanent fix?
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Thanks for the help. I quickly tried what you
suggested and it worked!! In the romcor.conf file i
entered Font=Times New Roman CE and that did the
trick. CE stands for central european. This font is
available on Windows 95 (probably 98 too) CD and also
from the microsoft website. It comes in a package of
Pan European True Type Fonts. The zipped file is
called lang.exe. There is no font that actually says
Times New Roman CE. It is just a part of (i'm not a
computer whiz) the regular Times New Roman fonts in
that package. When you look at it in the Character Map
utility in windows, it is distinguished from Times New
Roman and says Times New Roman CE.
I can send those fonts to you if you want.

Also the data files for the new and old testaments of
the romanian bible had to be changed a little. There
was one accented letter that was mapped wrong.
According to the numbers in the Character Map utility,
i had to replace 0185 with 0227. All my romanian fonts
use 0227 for that letter.
If you want, i can send the corrected data files to

Now i have another question.
Is there a way to install the main program on my c
drive and have the modules on a cd (d drive). I
thought that it would be better than running the whole
program off a CD because then it could write to the
bookmarks and also i could use personal notes, etc.
I tried changing the data path in the conf files for
the modules, but nothing seemed to work.

Again, thanks for your help and for a great program. I
have on-line bible and i like yours better. Great


--- "Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe@crosswire.org> wrote:
> Patrick,
> Thank you for your encouragment.  You may add an
> entry into the module's
> .conf file (located where you installed the software
> under a directory
> 'mods.d'.  The entry should be Font=whatever
> You may try different fonts that you have installed.
>  Please let us know
> if you get a correct font mapping and if this font
> is freely available
> and we will change the module's configuration file
> and include the font
> in our font pack.  Not being experienced with the
> Romanian language it
> makes it difficult for some of us to know if things
> are correct :), so
> your feedback is greatly appreciated.
> 	God's best to you,
> 		-Troy.
> > I am enjoying your program. Thanks!!
> > I downloaded the romanian bible but the accented
> > characters do not display properly. Is there a
> certain
> > font that i need installed. I have some romanian
> and
> > eastern european fonts installed now.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > pat brouty
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