[sword-devel] NIV/NIB errors....?

Pergamum sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 14:18:09 -0500

Greetings everyone, I'm back. I apologize for being away for so long from
the forum (not that I provided much more than the occasional rant to make
people think. =P). At any rate I have been away for some months simply
because the Lord has blessed me greatly but has also had a very full plate
set before me. I have started attending a new church It's a Christian/
Missionary Alliance church that is very much along the lines goal-wise that
I am when it comes to getting the Word of GOD out to those that otherwise
would be hard-pressed to obtain it. Which is what got me involved in Sword
to begin with.) Anyway since it recently moved from one location to another
(a storefront) we have been busy doing build-out and renovations as well as
maintaining a normal service schedule. Also He has increased what He has me
studying and writing on (for my own growth or future teaching I have no
idea). He has also had me busy for many months on my own bibleware project.
I'm trying for something fully self-contained yet HTML-based in order to
maximize it's cross-platform effectiveness. So in any and all of these
endeavors (and my own ability to maintain the pace of life) so I ask for any
prayers y'all can give. At any rate I'm starting  to babble. My whole point
in writing this is because I'm not sure if anyone else has the same problem
with the NIV/NIB modules I have. Since (Sword-wise) all I've been focusing
on is writing studies and commentary I haven't really tried to look into the
code behind the modules or the program. Basically my C++ is sitting here
rotting because I haven't had time to devote to it this year. However I
noticed that in the NIV and NIB modules there are some text formatting
errors. Thus far I have noticed that in Exodus 30, Numbers 31, Ezra 2 and 8,
and Nehemiah 7 there are areas about mid chapter where the text becomes huge
(like a 36 point font size) and in some instances there is even letters or
numbers missing. Also, the entire book of Esther is blank. That is as far as
I looked before I noticed a trend and decided to write. I would be happy to
try correcting these errors however I need to know what you guys use to edit
the actual files and which files to edit. Please let me know if you'd like
me to try to correct some of these issues or if there is anything else I can
do to help.

Thank you and GOD bless. In Christ Jesus,