[sword-devel] on Compiling for Linux...

Steven Boothe sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 26 Jun 2000 20:01:35 -0700

Hello brothers and sisters:

I am attempting to compile sword for the first time on Linux (Mandrake 7.1
and KDE) and I have a question regarding a decision that I need to make:
Do I go with "static" or "shared" libraries?

Something else:

I just finished compiling with "static" libraries and was presented with a neat
little opportunity to register online... (make register :) However, I was
presented with a bounce back message after sending it: 
<sword.users@crosswire.org>: host mail.crosswire.org[] said: 550
    <sword.users@crosswire.org>... User unknown

I also noticed that there was no @ sign in the address... I know these are very
small things, but I at least able to report little things sometimes... :)

Oh, here's my registration too:
(***) rootpoiema.org, Mon Jun 26 20:12:46 PDT 2000, Linux 2.2.15-4mdk i686, SWORD 1.5.0pre


Best regards and blessings!

Steven Boothe

Steven Boothe