[sword-devel] Matthew Henry Commentary

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Thu, 22 Jun 2000 20:23:47 -0400

Aaron Smith wrote:

> this Version Is the Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary of the whole Bible
> the Printed Version of this is one book about the size of two Bibles....The
> full version of Matthew Henry's Is six or Seven Books...
> This version Is available with the Online bible and it's about 14 megs big.
> It would be good if some one would convert this module and make it available
> for the Sword.....
> I would If I new how to..
> Aaron
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> > I noticed that the Matthew Henry Commentary is not complete, it is missing
> > the meat, Is this an abridged version of Matthew Henry?
> >
> > The version I have from somewhere else is much more in-depth...
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> > Derek
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Yeah, I know what you mean. I bought a MH (book form, of course) from a garage sale
the other say, and after I left. I looked at it and it is only Vol. 1, Genesis to Deuteronomy. : ) It would be great
to have the whole then, but alas, I haven't the ability to do it either, and there doesn't seem to be any
instruction on how to do it..