[sword-devel] Matthew Henry Commentary

Aaron Smith sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 23 Jun 2000 00:46:35 +0100

this Version Is the Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary of the whole Bible
the Printed Version of this is one book about the size of two Bibles....The
full version of Matthew Henry's Is six or Seven Books...
This version Is available with the Online bible and it's about 14 megs big.
It would be good if some one would convert this module and make it available
for the Sword.....
I would If I new how to..
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From: Derek T Seipp <dseipp@usaor.net>
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Subject: [sword-devel] Matthew Henry Commentary

> I noticed that the Matthew Henry Commentary is not complete, it is missing
> the meat, Is this an abridged version of Matthew Henry?
> The version I have from somewhere else is much more in-depth...
> Derek