[sword-devel] Doctrinal Statement

PAT RICHARDSON sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 02:11:47 -0500

At 11:44 AM 07/27/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm not a Christadelphian, but have you ever considered the fact that
>perhaps the largest "cult" going might be "mainstream Christianity?"
>Mainstream Judaism thought they were right in the flow of God and were
>rudely awakened in 70AD. Is a repeat performance possible?
No perhaps, no maybe about it.  Sooooo refreshing to hear the truth spoken
without fear of giving offense to the mainstream tuned in.  The President,
the Judiciary, the Senate, the Congress mirror the hearts of the believers
united in Christ,  in their attitudes toward the head of the body of Christ
and toward the lack of any necessity of being taught His mind and His word
during public assembly of local bodies of believers in Christ.  The
mainstream consider the mind of Him who created everything from nothing, as
a non essential not worthy of but a few minutes per week in public assembly
if that, and then only sprinkled about to make a bunch of human view point
seem holy.   The mainstream tell a hungering and thirsting student of
Christ to not expect to be taught the mind of Christ in public assembly
because more important things are done in public assembly and if you want
the mind of Christ , you can't be taught it, you have to dig it out for
yourself, novice though you may be or you have to enroll in Moody
correspondence courses to learn the mind of the King of Kings.  The
mainstream church is the problem, thus is the cult.  I give you the princes
the Lord has raised up as evidence the vast majority of those in union
eternally with Christ Himself are weak, faint, babies, at best.  There
never was a righteous people ruled by unrighteous leaders.  

The Lord of the Church, and of this church-age epoch of time when the
former mysteries are uniquely revealed since the time of His ascension, He
in this unique time period reads the hearts of those in union with Him and
according to that continual reading, sets up the mirror prince leaders to
represent the hearts of believers in the nation.  The body of members in
Christ has more to do with what happens in the nation and the world in this
unique time period than does the Jewish nation Israel and the doings of the
beloved and preferred Jews.  Since our Lord and then Paul turned from the
Jews to the Gentiles, it is the Church, mainstream and independent, house
churches, any assembly of believers in union with Christ that the head of
the body of believers looks to as a measure of the type leaders appropriate
for the nation.  Thus we may conclude along with perhaps that group you
mentioned, (I never heard of it before) the Methodist church is a cult,
deviant, heretical, apostate, but so also is every mainstream large
organization of members in the body of Christ, so also, Luther's Wesley's,
Presbuteross, etc., etc,., .  In this time period of babies in Christ and
no mature remnant, no doctrinal statement is any protection.  Many if not
all the mainstream have sound doctrinal statements, but practice everything
but revealing the mysteries of this unique time period as per Eph ch 3.