[sword-devel] Doctrinal Statement

David Burry sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 17:25:51 -0700

I agree wholeheartedly, and this seems to be the most balanced view I've seen yet on this subject.

In my opinion a more important issue (different but related) is whether there can be any kind of review or certification that the text supplied really _is_ Wescott and Hort or not (for instance).  True that is a lot more work, but accurately copying the original is much more important to me than certifying the beliefs of the contributor as acceptable or not.


At 04:44 PM 7/27/2000 -0700, geoffrey W Hastings wrote:
>Because a site has a link to another site which may or may not be
>"mainstream" it does not give reason to believe the site itself and those
>involved with it are not "mainstream".
>There may be a good reason for that link or at least a good reason of
>conscience for that link. 
>I believe we would be hard pressed to find many Christians who ONLY have
>mainstream christians work on their houses cars or church property.
>Though I am sure we agree that they should all be used in our variouse
>ministries for Christ.
>I don't believe the "foundations" used here, DOS, Window, Linux are from
>"mainstream" Christians. 
>If a J.W. produced a pure text of Wescott and Hort and no one else had
>yet. And I had the choice of copying it or duplicating the effort I would
>take the text. After all the text is the final result, not J.W. doctrine.
>I would also be glad to offer a link to it for those that could be
>blessed by it (with appropriate warnings if needed.
>Geoff  Hastings
>On Thu, 27 Jul 2000 11:41:19 -0500 Dan Bertles <DBertles@Southdown.com>
>> Troy,
>> Is there a doctrinal statement and/or standard set up for those who
>> contribute to the Sword Project?  I always look at links mentioned 
>> on the
>> e-mail list.  One pointed directly to an orginization called the
>> "Christadelphians" which is definitely a cult.  I would be 
>> uncomfortable
>> having someone contribute texts, etc. from someone who doesn't hold 
>> to the
>> standard tenants of mainstream Christianity.
>> Any thoughts on this?
>> In Christ,
>> Dan
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