[sword-devel] porting sword to the Palm

Drew Haninger sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 12:28:19 -0700

Since your discussing porting to the Palm, we were thinking of trying the
Open Source development on a few of our products, not sure about GPL, but
would like to try it.  We are already putting out most of the public domain
Bibles for free with a free reader.

Drew Haninger
Olive Tree Bible Software

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Subject: [sword-devel] Wooing publishing houses

> Greetings,
> I talked to a guy who does specialty-bible editing about how to sell
> Nelson and the rest on letting us distribute their translations (or
> paraphrases) with Sword. He had two suggestions that seemed novel to me.
> The first was that we should have a plug for them: a hyperlink on the
> UI that linked to a page where a print copy could be bought.
> The second was a method for insuring that the translation had not been
> tampered with. Perhaps a checksum for those modules that insist on it
> compiled in to SWORD would do the job? (I think this objection is rather
> silly, anyone could say anything they said was from translation x
> and be lying about it. Still, the publishers would probably feel
> better if there was some sort of authentication mechanism.)
> On a different subject, has anyone considered porting sword to the
> Palm? If the modules could be compressed with bzip2 it might be made
> to fit. I would love to do it, but I am just learning C++ and have
> never ported a thing before in my life.
> Grace and peace,
> Alexander Garden
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