[sword-devel] Greek texts

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 19:18:13 +1000

"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:
> ...
>         B-Greek encoding was created by the list to display greek fonts in an
> english character set (email) for the mailing list.  We have a converter
> (see sword/src/utilfuns/Greek2Greek) written by a the B-Greek mailing
> list people (William Dicks).  It is used in our WIN32 frontend.  If you
> are in the N27U4 module and you highlight text and then right-click, you
> will get an option, "Copy as B-Greek" then you can paste into your mail
> program and the greek will conform to the standard that the list uses.

Win-what?  ;-)

> I wouldn't think that encoding in B-Greek a text for display in true
> diacritic greek would be that efficient since there cannot be a direct
> font mapping.  The diacritics are encoded as a separate character and
> the frontend would have to either transpose the images on the fly or
> else parse and map to a single character on the fly.

That's not true.  Most of the Greek fonts i've used have separate
diacritics that include the equivalent of a backspace in them (i guess
through negative font metric values).  e.g. aujto" in Logos is autos
with a smooth breathing over the upsilon and a final sigma.

> Our N27U4 module was converted from bromans CCAT archive to what was
> originally called 'wingreek' encoding (this is the encoding that the
> Greek2Greek functions expect for conversion).  Many texts use this
> encoding and there are and ample number of converters from this encoding
> to other encodings.

Links?  Code?  Spare change?  (I thought i'd throw that last one in for
good measure. :-)

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