[sword-devel] Re: Copyright and STRONGS

Brandon Staggs sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 14:52:51 -1000

Isn't that a bummer. What is left to be done? How much work? I think it is
likely I could find someone willing to complete the work.


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> At 09:39 PM 7/5/2000 -1000, Brandon Staggs wrote:
> >Whatever happened to the KJV with Strongs that was being worked on and
> >OT is complete found at http://www.bf.org/bfetexts.htm ? This looks like
> >solution for anyone who wants to avoid the hassles involved with using
> >(obviously) PD text from OLB. However without an NT it is not terribly
> >useful. I could possibly arrange for some funding if some work needs to
> >completed on this project.
> >
> >-Brandon
> A year ago some guy was given the files to finish one at a time (because
> the person with the files had some prep for each file and didn't want to
> waste time if he stopped on the first one). As he finished one he was
> another. The agreement was that when all the files were done he would
> the finished work on BF as PD. After he got the last file we stopped
> hearing from him.
> Jerry
> hastings@bf.org