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Mon, 3 Jul 2000 16:21:36 -0600

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> > Perhaps they want to protect the translation from being corrupted by
> > unscrupulous people taking the results of prayerful work and
> bending it to
> > their own interpretation. Otherwise one descends into the ?Cottonpatch?
> > mentality.
> If this is the goal, then what copyright would have protected us from the
> "Cottonpatch" translation?  If God is concerned about the
> corruption of His
> word, and I believe He is, He will protect the translations from being
> corrupted.  This could be accomplished by either preventing the
> translation, or ensuring that nobody in His fold reads it.  Word of mouth
> is somewhat effective for these matters.

What is the Cottonpatch translation?

--John Keiser