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Mon, 03 Jul 2000 22:00:36 GMT

Trevor Jenkins writes:

> Perhaps the translators should not be fed or feed their families? With a few
> notable exceptions (J B Phillips, Eugene Petersen) translations are team
> efforts. But then Phillips and Petersen's works are also copyright. Even the
> paraphrase of Ken Taylor is copyright.

I have no problems with anyone making a living.  I think that the
translators should make a GOOD living.  But in my ideal world, they would
subsist under the funding of a grant from a church, denomination, Christian
university or similar organization, so as not to encumber the distribution
of the translation.  This would keep the Word free for distribution.

As far as the publishing companies, they should get paid for what they do
best, and that is the quality printing and binding of the Word of God. 
Perhaps their added value could also include ensuring that their version is
an accurate representation of the work.

My contention is that the text is either the Word of God, or of the
translator.  I would hope that any translator would endeavor to produce the
former, but a copyright implies the latter, especially when accompanied by
license fees.

> Perhaps they want to protect the translation from being corrupted by
> unscrupulous people taking the results of prayerful work and bending it to
> their own interpretation. Otherwise one descends into the ?Cottonpatch?
> mentality.

If this is the goal, then what copyright would have protected us from the
"Cottonpatch" translation?  If God is concerned about the corruption of His
word, and I believe He is, He will protect the translations from being
corrupted.  This could be accomplished by either preventing the
translation, or ensuring that nobody in His fold reads it.  Word of mouth
is somewhat effective for these matters.

Based on the several efforts under way to create a modern English
translation for free distribution, these copyrights may be fighting against
the "coruption" by forcing translations to be made by people who may not be
qualified to do the translations.  I believe there are at least 3 different
efforts under way.  I do not know of anyone working on these translations
who is not qualified, I simply cite it as a risk.

I appreciate your comments.  I have not thought out my position completely,
and appreciate your gracious remarks.

   Darwin Gregory

   Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
   Evolution is a myth...