[sword-devel] Joyful joy!

Torsten Uhlmann sword-devel@crosswire.org
21 Jan 2000 18:32:55 +0100

Hy folks,

I got news from Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft!
They say they want us to convert their texts into SWORD-Format (and be
paid for doing that!!!), give them to Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft and
everybody can buy the SWORD texts via their distribution network!

Prays the Lord!!!

We need one to volunteer converting the texts (they probably haven't
looked yet at the sword download page :)

They though still think these texts are only of value under Linux/Unix
although I told them about a win frontend. I will clarify that but I
hope this is not a show stopper for them (could be if they do not want
to compromise their own products).

Anyway, would their be a way to make them only of value for Unix?


best regards,
Torsten Uhlmann


Wise men still seek him!