[sword-devel] Design of curses version of bible.

The Schmidts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 06 Jan 2000 12:28:51 -0500

Trevor Jenkins wrote:

> You are making an assumption here that is not necessarily valid. For
> example, I do have a 486 machine running Linux. It does have a colour
> monitor and a mouse connected. However, it also has two VT320 terminals
> atached to it. These are real (n)curses devices without mice and only in
> colour green.
> Whilst having mice and colour support would be useful please don't make it
> mandatory.
> Regards, Trevor
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> language. So recognise it now.

>From my original post:

>So, it's just an issue of programming it in such away that if the terminal is
capable of color/mouse it uses it,
>and if not, it should still be usable.

i.e.: i agree with you ;-)

As far as color/mouse support goes, my post was in regards to backward
compatability with the BSD curses library, not terminals.  Ncurses will
automatically, I believe, switch output that you've color encoded to some sort of
highlighting scheme if the terminal is incapable of color, and if the terminal
doesn't have a mouse (e.g. most terminals) will just ignore mouse code (which
means that you've got to program some way of accomplishing the same task with the
keyboard, of course).


Jeff Schmidt