[sword-devel] InstallMgr / Version info for modules

Torsten Uhlmann sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 4 Jan 2000 08:55:45 +0100

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> Torsten,
> Yes, you can get the version info from the module's .conf file:
> Version=
> There is also:
> History_xx=
> information to see what has changes between a users current module
> version and what is available.  Both of these mechanisms are taken
> advantage of in the InstallManager code.
OK, so we probably only have to look in the code (darwin voluntered for this).

> The X InstallMgr is coming along a litter slower than I expected.  I
> decided to take a different approach after beginning the project. 
> Currently I'm attempting to port some of the VCL components that we use
> to gtk+ and then leave the gtk+ specific code in an implementation class
> so that hopefully we will be able to write a Qt implementation class for
> these also.
Nice, thanks.
> Yes, I know about VDK.  But I'm shooting for a more portable, smaller
> subset of the VCL, as a true port-- not mere a VCL-like component
> library built exclusively for gtk+.
Excuse the question: what is VDL / VCL?

> This decision came about after reading Borland's Kylix announcement. 
> I'm hoping we can replace this hack with the real thing in March.
I probably have to look on Borland's site, right :)
Verily thou speakest with strange words unto me :)

> Torsten Uhlmann wrote:
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> > Hi,
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> > greetings from Germany. We experienced no trouble going into the new year.
> > Let this be a year where our lord and saviour can show his light thru us!
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> > I wonder if there is a way to get a version information off of a packaged module (from the installed and the one in a remote repository). When writing an InstallManager it would be neat to tell people: Hey, you have this modules installed (your version), but a newer one is available (version). Do you want to update?
> > That would make it easier for people to keep track with the version of modules.
> > Maybe this already exists. One of our programmers wants to write an Install Manager for BibleTime. I pointed him to the GTK sources in CVS but this info might be of value for him, too.
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> > God bless you!
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