[sword-devel] PDAs / SA1110

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 10:36:38 -0800

> Took me 5 weeks to get mine.  Now I'm trying to get the CF expansion
> sleave so I can get a microdrive :)  They seem to be as scarce as the
> iPaq.

ebay. seriously. ebay.
I got lucky and won the ipaq itself for probably less than it would have
cost me to order and pay tax & shipping.  And it won't take me more than a
week to receive. :)  Notice I waited until after Christmas to buy it though,

The CF jackets are going for about 40-50, but the PC Card jackets are
inflated to around 200 when they should only cost 150.

> > I have this dream that some day I will be able to load all the
> SWORD modules
> > onto an IBM Microdrive. :)
> Me too!  Found a microdrive, just can't get the expansion port!

Ebay has some new 1G microdrives with travel kit going for a bit over $200
(with a day of bidding yet to come).  I remember paying that much for a 32M
CF card years ago. :(  Even the ~$450 list price seems reasonable, though a
bit more than I want to shell out right now.

I can't wait to check out the stuff you've worked on, though I'm quite
frightened of dealing with flashing my ipaq rom. :)