[sword-devel] absent

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:31:16 -0700

My apologies for not getting back to many of you.  I have been swamped
with work deadlines and the holidays.  I have next week off and hope to
get caught up.

cvs directions are on our developers site.  These directions can obtain
the sources:


Suggestions for windows frontend....

> 1. Be able to print.

I'm not sure what kind of print interface would be of value.  I usually
paste to a real editor when doing studies.  This seem much more useful
to print from a tool designed for exactly this.  We support rich markup
copy and pastes, so anything you cut should appear with the same
attibutes if the tool you paste to supports the text attributes.

> 2. Be able to display two different passages of scripture at the same time,
> possibly including the commentaries for those sections.

Yes.  I would love this added.

> 3. Be able to display multiple versions of the same passage side by side.


> 4. Being able to choose which versions display, not necessarily showing all
> versions all the time.
> 5. Same thing with commentaries.

Already on the todo for the next rev.

6. Being able to show/hide dictionaries as desired.  Putting them on
own tab would accomplish this.

There is an old prototype on the above website with some pretty radical
It has a free floating command center like Delphi itself, and supports
customizable desktops.  It has many bugs and is based on api code over a
year old, but I think might have some fun ideas for everyone to look
at.  You'll need to use the older mods.conf configuration method (see
the INSTALL doc at the root of the source tree).  Maybe I'll try to
break away and get some time to update it to the latest api.  Here's the
link, as it stands now.