[sword-devel] Importan Issue: Crossreferences

Daniel Glassey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 30 Aug 2000 18:34:38 +0100

On 29 Aug 2000, at 14:46, Joachim Ansorg sent forth the message:

> Hi Troy!
> Very good ideas you mentioned here!
> A common formating is very good, this would give us a common fornat we can work
> with (all references have the same format, we can decide how words of Jesus are
> displayed, how footnotes are formatted, how strongs are formatted etc.). I
> really would prefer this!
> This gives us much more power at frontend side!
> We have to find a easy to use, easy to convert format for SwordCommon! Does
> somebody have some ideas for this?
> If somebody could implement it I'd be very happy ;-)
> --Joachim

Looks like theres these options for SwordCommon format

(1) Use GBF.
(2) Use ThML.
Er, I hate to say it, but I can't see easy agreement here on which one 
to go for (would love to be proved wrong :) ). I guess it really 
depends what is easier for the frontends to display sensibly. Any 

(3) Develop new format on own.
Seems like a waste of time when theres good formats already. Unless 
of course something simpler is needed for the frontends to deal with. 
Maybe a modified version of them?

(4) Develop format along with ABS and use that.
Will take time, depends if the frontends would like a common format 
to work with now or would wait.

(5) Support GBF and ThML and the new format as common to be nice 
to everyone.
defeats the purpose of a 'common' format