[sword-devel] fast searching support

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 19:14:31 -0700

> Maybe I'm wrong, but at first gflances I think it's not faster than normal
> search before.

Joachim and others,
	Did you get the framework searching to work?  You can see it by
building cheatah and running a search for "God love world" in your
module that you ran mkfastmod on.  Cheatah's default search works with
the framework.  Then click the "Case Sensitive" checkbox and the
framework will NOT be used.  You can compare this way.  If the latter
search is quicker, your module is not setup correctly for the search
framework (please check permissions of the files, this was the last bug
I fixed in the index generator).  The old search does a strstr or
stristr (my homebrewed algorithm that is not so fast) for
case-insensitive searches.

On my box, cheatah will do this search on BBE the old way in (after
first occurance) about 1 second.  Using the framework the delay is only
about 1/10th of a second (after the first occurance).