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Chris Marsh sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 09:36:03 +1000

I hate to appear pushy, but has this been done yet?  If not, can someone
supply instructions on how to do this and I might give it a go myself.

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I will build a new DLL when I get back in town.  The code for the DLL
has not been updated for quite some time.  There is a difference with
other language bindings to C++.  They need to be standard C procedural
methods.  You actually could do C++ to Delphi provided no multiple
inheritance (which we do), but other languages need a standard sig on
the methods in the DLL (no C++ manglings).  Anyway, until I get it done,
you should be able to play with a really old version on the site at:

I think it's dated '97, so beware.  Though, this is probably good, since
the delphi code hasn't been changed since then either :)

Hope this helps.  I actually need to do this anyway, since we seem to
have requests for a number of other language bindings.


Chris Marsh wrote:
> What we need here is someone with c++ experience (not me, yet) to create
> these DLL's for us plebs used to visual tools like Delphi & VB.  I don't
> even have a c++ compiler to use and certainly don't know how to create a
> even if I had a compiler.
> Any volunteers?
> Chris Marsh
> Analyst Programmer
> Hansen Corporation
> Ph:     (03) 9843 8438
> Fax:    (03) 9843 8590
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> > But you can use DLLs generated by C++-Builder or whatever in Delphi!
> True, that is IF a DLL existed in the distribution ZIP.
> > Isn't there an DLL  shipped with the SWORD windows frontend?
> No.  I found not a single .DLL file in the version 1.5 package or previous
> version.
> Philip
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