[sword-devel] VB Frontend for Sword

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 17:04:42 +0000

Hi Chris!

> Hi all,
> As some may be aware, I am interested in developing a frontend for Sword in
> VB.  This is not a major development as it is really to help me learn VB
> better and because I don't particularly like the current Windows front end.
> I also will be fitting development work in between Course commitments and
> family commitments, so will be fairly slow moving.  I have been supplied
> with a Sword DLL, which is apparently quite old.  I have a few questions,
> though:
> 1. Is there a new Sword DLL being created?
> 2. I have read the Sword API Primer, but it doesn't help me much.  It seems
> to be rather old and out of date.  Is there any better documentation on how
> to use the API?

Mmh, you can have a look at the backend classes of BibleTime 0.3 and later 
(bibletime-2/bibletime/backend/sword/). There's much example code.
But sadly it's C++.
Feel free to ask, I'll try to give hints because you helped discussing BT 
1.0's features.

> 3. I can read C code, but C++ is a little beyond me, but which source code
> files should I look at for examples of how to get a text to display?  That
> is, how to use the API to load a module, read it and display it using
> SWKey() etc.  Any pointers would be most helpful.
> 4. Any other info I would need would also be gratefully received.
> In Christ,
> Chris Marsh
> Analyst Programmer
> Hansen Corporation
> Ph:	(03) 9843 8438
> Fax:	(03) 9843 8590