[sword-devel] VB Frontend for Sword

Chris Marsh sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 15 Aug 2000 13:21:33 +1000

It looks like I didn't make myself clear.  I wish to produce a front end for
Sword in VB for my own Programming Experience.  I need to learn VB for work
and thought that this would be a great project to get started.  I like
Bibletime myself and have contributed to discussions for it's development.

This VB is for myself (and if anyone else wants it).  It's not going to
replace using the current Sword frontend for my Theology course at this
stage (and probably wouldn't be finished in time anyway).

I would love to see a port of Bibletime for Windows and even thought of
calling mine Bibletime, but it wouldn't do justice to the real Bibletime, so
I won't.

Regardless, I am just after a bit more detail than the API Primer gives.

In Christ,

Chris Marsh

Analyst Programmer
Hansen Corporation
Ph:	(03) 9843 8438
Fax:	(03) 9843 8590

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Forgive my ignorance, but the interface for the KDE version of Bible time,
which is apparently a front end to Sword, is VERY cool...

My 2c  work on porting that interface to C or whatever for windows based..

Maybe this is not even possible though..


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Hi all,
As some may be aware, I am interested in developing a frontend for Sword in
VB.  This is not a major development as it is really to help me learn VB
better and because I don't particularly like the current Windows front end.
I also will be fitting development work in between Course commitments and
family commitments, so will be fairly slow moving.  I have been supplied
with a Sword DLL, which is apparently quite old.  I have a few questions,

1. Is there a new Sword DLL being created?
2. I have read the Sword API Primer, but it doesn't help me much.  It seems
to be rather old and out of date.  Is there any better documentation on how
to use the API?
3. I can read C code, but C++ is a little beyond me, but which source code
files should I look at for examples of how to get a text to display?  That
is, how to use the API to load a module, read it and display it using
SWKey() etc.  Any pointers would be most helpful.
4. Any other info I would need would also be gratefully received.

In Christ,

Chris Marsh

Analyst Programmer
Hansen Corporation
Ph:	(03) 9843 8438
Fax:	(03) 9843 8590

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