[sword-devel] Apocrypha?

Paul Gear sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 9 Aug 2000 05:59:01 +1000

> ...
> Perhaps the advisable thing to do would be to make the OT & NT the default
> search extents and require that people include the intertestamentals
> specifically for searches or allow people to save their default search
> extents.  Of course, that may be more on the front end side of things than
> the library backend.
> I'm still somewhat wary of dividing parts of the same work into different
> modules on the client's system, since the intertestamentals were
> translated right along with the OT & NT for the KJV.  If we split the KJV
> and its Apocrypha, I suppose we would do likewise with the RSV, but what
> would we do with the Douay-Rheims or other Catholic translations?
> ...
> Just some more thoughts.  Feel free to critique. :)

My vote goes for leaving them as part of the same module and changing the
default search extent.  It makes for a more consistent interface.  Provide a
non-Apocrypha version for people who don't want it.