[sword-devel] Apocrypha?

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 7 Aug 2000 20:33:12 -0700 (MST)

Very good point.  Now I'm really uncertain of what the solution should be.

Perhaps the advisable thing to do would be to make the OT & NT the default
search extents and require that people include the intertestamentals
specifically for searches or allow people to save their default search
extents.  Of course, that may be more on the front end side of things than
the library backend.

I'm still somewhat wary of dividing parts of the same work into different 
modules on the client's system, since the intertestamentals were
translated right along with the OT & NT for the KJV.  If we split the KJV
and its Apocrypha, I suppose we would do likewise with the RSV, but what
would we do with the Douay-Rheims or other Catholic translations?

If we look at the competition, OLB splits its OT & NT from Apocrypha but
none of the commercial products (BibleWorks, Logos, etc.) do so to my
knowledge.  Larry may have had no better reason, BTW, than the fact that
his software can't support more than 32768 verses per module, and the
Apocrypha would have put him way over that--or simply because his modules
aren't very modular and can't be added to like ours could by adding new

Just some more thoughts.  Feel free to critique. :)

--Chris Little

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, geoffrey W Hastings wrote:

> I don't believe I would like the Apocrypha to be put into the same module
> as the KJV.
> I would not want to have to remember to do searches in custom search to
> omit the Apocrypha from my results.
> I wouldn't want seaches of the Apocrypha to pull up results from the KJV
> either.
> It might lead to confusion in instances where more than one person use
> the same computer if they do not all have the understanding that they are
> tied together, say in a church or bible college library etc...