[sword-devel] bug in SWORD's bible structure representation

Michael Paul Johnson sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 06 Aug 2000 23:23:00 -0600

At 11:54 PM 8/6/00 -0500, Pergamum wrote:
>with it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I think the important thing is to
>continue searching for formatting and functionality glitches. I'm not
>attempting to be rude or to belittle you here Solomon... however your
>comment seems to merely be an attempt to mock the efforts of those that pour
>their hearts into this work.

Whoa, there! Please don't be so touchy. I saw no mocking. I saw an honest effort to inform the developers of a bug. Call it a feature, if you like, but it is still a BUG. You decide if it is worth fixing, or if you would rather just document it, dress it up in a tuxedo, and call it a feature. Face it, insects just don't look good in tuxedos....

It isn't that hard to build in special handling for one-chapter books of the Bible. I did it in my GBF-to-PDF process. Check out the typeset version of the New Testament at http://eBible.org/bible/webnt.pdf, and you will see that the running headers and chapter:verse numbering shift to verse numbering only for the one-chapter books. In a user interface, if you make someone think your feature is a bug, that person is probably right. Just how hard is it to put in something like:
if ((num_chapters(book) == 1) && (chapter > 1) && (verse == 0))
    verse = chapter;
    chapter = 1;

IF you want your software to be good, LISTEN to your users, and don't berate them for reporting bugs. Swallow your pride and fix the bugs.


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