[sword-devel] CzeCEP (and CzeKMS) license

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 02:41:02 -0700

	Praise God for His blessings.  This is great news, again!  I have
uploaded both modules, unlocked to the website.  You should see them on
the download page.  If I could get your help with a few final things:

	o Will you review the About= entry in the .conf files for each module
and update them to include the conditions from each publisher as to the
terms of distribution (can read or write Czech! :))

	o If you would take the time to thank each organization and inform them
that our software is free and they are encouraged to use and distribute
our software with their module and even charge for it if they so desire
(as long as a conspicuous message lets the buyer know that they may
obtain the same software for free, and the location for free download
(per GNU terms)).

	THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME.  This will allow MANY Czech users to
experience God's Word in their native language.


Petr and Michal,
	There is still the issue with font encoding.  Is there anywhere I might
find a translation table so I could build a subclass of the SWFilter
class to recode the module on-the-fly?  This will allow us to keep the
current datafile (which works in Windoze), and still have linux display
properly.  Or if either of you know C++ well enough to write a filter, I
think it would solve our problems.  There are many filters that already
exist in sword/src/modules/filters that you could copy and use as a
starting place.  Basically, you get a char * that you can read and
modify.  A simple for loop thru the char array replacing characters from
a lookup table might do the trick, or maybe I'm being naive about the
complexity of the conversion.  Thanks again!  This is really good news!


Michal Zejdl wrote:
> Hi,
>     I received letter from Czech Biblical Society with limited
> permission to use this translation. Here is in my simple English:
> We agree with unlocking text of CEP for Sword project with these two
> conditions:
> 1. Text of CEP Bible mustn't be used in printed-book form.
> 2. Text will be free available in elektronical form. When Sword will be
> saled, we reserve to part in selling gain, what will be subject of
> bargain with producer or reseller.
>     So not GPL again but posibility to use unlocked module.
>     Nice day.
> P.S. Where I can get unlocked CzeKMS (and CzeCEP later) module?
> original message:
> souhlasime s uvolnenim textu ceskeho ekumenickeho prekladu Bible pro
> projekt Sword, pri dodrzeni dvou podminek:
>     1. Text Bible CEP nesmi byt pouzit v tistene knizni forme.
>     2. Text bude volne dostupny v elektronicke podobe. Pokud se projekt
> Sword bude prodavat, vyhrazujeme si primereny podil na zisku z prodeje,
> coz
> by bylo predmetem smlouvy s vyrobcem ci prodejcem.
>     Uprimne zdravi
>     ThDr. Jiri Lukl
> reditel Ceske biblicke spolecnosti
> --
> Ing. Michal Zejdl                       e-mail: zejdl@suas.cz
> Sokolovska uhelna, a.s.                 tel.: +420 168 64-5418