[sword-devel] CzeCEP license

Michal Zejdl sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 15:44:54 +0200

    I received letter from Czech Biblical Society with limited
permission to use this translation. Here is in my simple English:

We agree with unlocking text of CEP for Sword project with these two

1. Text of CEP Bible mustn't be used in printed-book form.
2. Text will be free available in elektronical form. When Sword will be
saled, we reserve to part in selling gain, what will be subject of
bargain with producer or reseller.

    So not GPL again but posibility to use unlocked module.
    Nice day.

P.S. Where I can get unlocked CzeKMS (and CzeCEP later) module?

original message:

souhlasime s uvolnenim textu ceskeho ekumenickeho prekladu Bible pro
projekt Sword, pri dodrzeni dvou podminek:

    1. Text Bible CEP nesmi byt pouzit v tistene knizni forme.

    2. Text bude volne dostupny v elektronicke podobe. Pokud se projekt
Sword bude prodavat, vyhrazujeme si primereny podil na zisku z prodeje,
by bylo predmetem smlouvy s vyrobcem ci prodejcem.

    Uprimne zdravi

    ThDr. Jiri Lukl
reditel Ceske biblicke spolecnosti

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