[Fwd: Re: [sword-devel] WIN32RC4 available]

Brook humphrey sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 18 Apr 2000 18:22:19 -0700

I kind of had to change it the screenshots when I got done with them had
a white background. So the page needed to be white and the green was to
light on a white page. So the green was changed to blue. If there is
anything else you would like let me know. We can ad javascript effects
or dynamic html.

Jerry Hastings wrote:
> At 08:57 AM 4/18/2000 -0700, Brook humphrey wrote:
> >Sorry it should be ftp://ftp.thelinuxstop.com/Sword.chm
> >
> >also there is anonymous access on this server so you can just ftp into
> >ftp.thelinuxstop.com
> Hey, that looks great! If troy doesn't mind the lager file size, I vote we
> use your version. I like the white page better than the gray. I used the
> gray because that is the way Sword displays for me, so I just tried to
> match it. But the white with special text in blue is much better than the
> green on gray.
> Jerry