[sword-devel] Windows

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 10 Apr 2000 02:45:18 -0700

> ... and due to thee amount of time and eneergy have not used the peersoal notes
> until I haave decided to use sword for a Bible program. This is when I discovered that the
> personal notes do not work. Do I have a flawed or old copy?

What have you tried to do with the personal notes that didn't work?  
Have you tried Right-clicking on the personal notes window?

Hope this helps.  If you still have troubles, please send us the version
you are using?  You may go to the menu choice Help | About to get the
version number.

> Also, may I suggest the ability
> to have more tha one set of personal notes, they could be passed around this way and
> someone who has the time and eneergy could make a set of notes from the public domain.

Good suggestion.  You actually can do this manually, but there is no
interface in any of the current UIs for the end user yet.  To manually
do this:

	o Rename and relocate your current personal commentary
		find the mods.d/personal.conf file and rename it
		edit this new file and rename the [section name] and datapath
		find the original datapath files and move them to the new datapath
			(probably modules/comments/rawfiles/personal/)
		run sword and make sure your personal commentary still works with the
			new name and location.

	o Install the personal module again.

> May the Lord be in your success in the linix version!!

Thanks for your feedback and encouragement!  God's blessings to you.