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10 Apr 2000 03:00:33 -0600

I know that this may not be the time to ask, but since my health has caused me to  no longer 
pastor I don't get to keep up with the high dollar programs. I have been using sword for a 
little while now and due to thee amount of time and eneergy have not used the peersoal notes 
until I haave decided to use sword for a Bible program. This is when I discovered that the 
personal notes do not work. Do I have a flawed or old copy? Also, may I suggest the ability 
to have more tha one set of personal notes, they could be passed around this way and 
someone who has the time and eneergy could make a set of notes from the public domain. 
May the Lord be in your success in the linix version!!

In His Service Always,

Terry Lawson
Author: How To Study His Word


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